About Us

History of the Anchor of Hope Church

In all my years of ministry I have noticed a recurring pattern in Christian congregations and churches: Individuals experiencing incredible revelations in their lives or in their respective areas of ministry would generally react in a similar way, “Pastor, there is an issue or a need for ministry and you need to pay attention to it.”

The surprising thing was even though they approached me with a revelation or special insight into a problem, their expectation was that somebody else should handle the issue. They never wanted to create the change themselves.

We often see people who have been knocked down by the trials of their life, who did what they could, sought opportunities, yet still could not find the help that they needed. People who suffered from addiction and depression, who needed help and support, are often met with silence and rejection. Regardless of the cause, whether crippling debt, divorce, families falling apart or a declining mental health, they frequently become second-class citizens who should be avoided. They continue on hopeless, with no help from anyone.

We saw this and we understood this is not the way things should be. The biggest driver of this revelation was seeing these individuals and understanding that our God loves them no less than anybody else. We saw that the word of God offers healing and restoration to them, but they found themselves in circumstances they did not plan or never expected to be in and became desperate.

We also understood that having shown this to us, God was calling us into this ministry, the ministry of restoration, the ministry of reconciliation with God, the ministry of healing, of spirit, of body and soul.

Anchor of Hope Church had our first service on the first week of January 2014. The first time we gathered, there was only four of us. We read the word of God and prayed, and slowly the Lord began to bring people with different pasts, different pain, different wounds and different destinies; people who were physically and spiritually ill, and we just served them.

We are filled with joy when we look at lives that have been changed, restored, and healed. They have begun to live and love their lives in a new way. This is the calling of the Anchor of Hope Church.

Our Mission & Vision

We exist to win souls, to heal sick, restore broken, make disciples, and plant churches!

“We thank God for giving us the privilege to pastor Anchor of Hope church in Edina, Minnesota. We love God, we love people, we love what we do, and we hope it shows. If you’re looking for a church family where you can get restored, reconnected with God, healed – spirit soul and body, grow in the Word of God, experience life in the Spirit, reach out to others who need the Savior, and enjoy the fellowship of Jesus centered friendships – Anchor of Hope is the place for you!”

Pastors Vladimir and Vera Pisarchuk

Our Ministries


Our church is blessed to have a biblical approach to passionate expository preaching that is Christ-Centered and Gospel-Driven.

Prayer Ministry

If you have specific requests that you would like the group to pray for, you can use the form above to do this if you like.


The church is called to worship and we sing hymns of praise. We pray for God to be with us and we open our hearts to God’s love. Together we confess our sins and pray for God’s forgiveness.


Our church greatly welcomes people with broken hearts, broken lives, broken marriages and those who have lost their hope and need a new vision for their life.

Join us:

SUNDAY Service 2:00 p.m.
TUESDAY Bible Study 7:00 p.m.
SATURDAY Prayer Meeting  10:30 a.m.